Overwatch betting sites

Hi, there. There are not so many big Overwatch tournaments (on Dota 2 or CS:GO you could bet every day) but if you’re a real Overwatch expert you will make some money. Let’s have a look at Overwatch betting sites.


Overwatch league betting on GG.Bet
Overwatch odds at GG.Bet

This is one of the first E-sport bookmakers with 14 disciplines in Line (including HearthStone betting). They have more than 60k subs on the YT channel, where you could see Cyber Sports digest 2 times a week. Overwatch odds are pretty good.


Overwatch betting on CyberBet
Overwatch betting odds at CyberBet

CyberBet is another E-Sport bookmaker. The main advantage of this sportsbook is simple and convenient design. Overwatch betting odds slightly differ from GGBet but not enough to create forks.


Overwatch bet on BetWinner - odds for Overwatch

This bookmaker also have some Overwatch events in line, but honestly it’s here because of huge welcome bonus.

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